Company profile

FCA Dr. Fischer Community of Architects GmbH is a consulting, project management and design company.

We support our private and public Clients in the development and the realization of their projects for more than about 25 years.

In Germany as well as on international territory we are focussed on the following fields:

  • Buildings of the health sector (hospitals, policlinic, R&D institutes, laboratories)
  • Industrial buildings (pharma, semiconductor fabrications, clean room facilities)
  • Laboratories with high security requirements
  • Care and living buildings for elderly people


In Germany we are active mainly for public as well as for private investors in the field of hospital construction, educational buildings, laboratories, research & development centres.

We are specialized on high-technological and complex construction projects.

Especially in Germany, but also in Russia we have done a lot hospital reconstruction projects with preservation orders under on-going operations.

In this area we have special competences for strengthening fire protection systems and material qualities and developing fire safety measures and concepts Please have a look into our references!

Russian Federation and Central Asia

Presently, the Russian Federation and Central Asia are very interesting and fast developing markets for foreign companies and investors.

Effective and efficient implementation of developing and adapting procedures during the realization of amazing construction projects on Russian territory is absolutely necessary.

This requires competent support by specialists having the relevant knowledge and experience with common procedures and legal aspects starting from the project preparation, design works up to the final acceptance this field in Russia.

The company «FCA Dr. Fischer Community of Architects GmbH» («FCA») and her partners having more than 25 years of practical relevant working experience in Russia and the CIS, especially in the field of project development, project management, design works and accompanying foreign Customers during the whole process of realization of construction project.

«FCA» is active as designer and consultant on the Russian market.

«FCA’s» portfolio includes organisational and technical consulting and management services starting from the project preparation, management, controlling, design approval and release in accordance with Russian norms and standards up to supervision of constructional works.

Moreover, «FCA» and its partners offer design works as “General Designer” covering the whole range of works according to Russian Norms, but with a strong background of European expertise and knowledge.

All services provided by «FCA» correspond to the latest technical and technological quality standard and meet country specific specialities and requirements based on practical long-term experience and knowledge with the application of Russian legal norms and standards, as well as the common usual structures of project development and implementation in the Russian Federation. «FCA» is permanently present and active on the Russian market. «FCA’s» active representative partner «PromConsultTech» («PCT») realizes the direct activities of project work on the territory of the Russian Federation.

«FCA’s» core competence is to build a “bridge” between the intensions and targets of the foreign companies and investors and the manifold and special requirements of the local Russian reality.


In the past we realized design projects in Libyan and VAE. Please have a look a tour references. We are open for interesting projects in other countries, too!